About Camelot Investigations

Sandra Stibbards - Owner & President

Licensed Private Investigator in California (PI 18099)
& Texas (A11304)

Sandra Stibbards, Owner & President of Camelot Investigations since its inception in 1996, is regarded as a leading online investigations expert whose clients include Fortune 500 companies and international corporations over five continents. She specializes in Financial Fraud Investigations, Competitive Intelligence, Counterintelligence, Vulnerability Assessments, IP/Counterfeiting Investigations, Internet Threat Investigations and Pre-Investment & Due Diligence Investigations.

Ms. Stibbards has been responsible for assisting her clients in locating millions of dollars worth of assets and recovery of counterfeit merchandise. She has become recognized for her presentations and trainings on Open Source Intelligence providing expanded insight into the methods of obtaining and locating information in public forums. These trainings are in demand by both the private and public sectors, including:

  • Licensed private investigators
  • Active & retired law enforcement
  • Attorneys & paralegals
  • Background screening agencies
  • Security specialists and teams
  • Forensics examiners
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Financial industry professionals
  • Intelligence analysts and information specialists
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Human resources directors
  • Office managers
  • And others…



We Are Fully Licensed and Insured For Your Protection

California Private Investigators License: #PI18099 :: Texas Private Investigators License: #A11304

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