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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training

Completely Interactive Class
1-Day and 2-Day Training Classes Available

The OSINT training course provides extensive information relating to surface and deep web searching along with advanced online search techniques & strategies, online privacy / anonymity tools, counterintelligence techniques used by the criminal element, utilize database systems, archiving tools and methods to obtain archived pages & hidden information, search techniques of blogs and social networks, transfer of large files, screen shot capabilities, and analysis, organization, preparation as well as writing reports for the information developed.

Lists of search engines, blogs, forums, social networks, various software, etc. along with search tools on the ways to use these items will be provided throughout the training.

It is a completely interactive class. You would want to bring your laptop with wireless capability to get the most from the class.

Just some of what you will learn:

Vulnerabilities and Protection of Business Intelligence Program
The Vulnerabilities and Protection of Business Intelligence program is based on Competitive Intelligence. It provides details on the vulnerability of businesses and their information as well as how to protect it on all levels from competitors and criminals. The provides the details of why businesses and agencies are completely vulnerable no matter how much security they have installed such as anti-virus, firewalls and passwords on computers, security access to buildings, security guards, locks on doors, video surveillance, etc.

Open Source Intelligence & the Dark Side Training Program
The Open Source Intelligence & the Dark Side program revolves around the vulnerabilities of the internet. Various types of open source forums, the accesses to them as well as their vulnerabilities will be a direct focus during the program. Be ready to learn more than you anticipated about using open source intelligence for your investigations. We will be thinking outside of the box.

Internet Threats and Intellectual Property on the Internet
The training program for Internet Investigations provides an education on the simple and advanced threats from daily use of the internet along with details on protection from these internet threats. Additionally, the training outlines the vulnerabilities of intellectual property online and implementing safeguards.

Identity Theft and Protection of your Personal Information
The Identity Theft and Protection training program provides details on the vulnerability of individuals and their information as well as how to protect it on all levels on and off the internet. Due to the high levels of identity theft that currently exist, it is recommended that all individuals learn how to protect themselves from being a victim.

General Internet Security and Safety for our Children
Internet Safety for our Children is a program set up to educate adults in order to protect their children by teaching them instead of sheltering them what dangers exist on the internet and what to do to be safe. The program is also very insightful and educational for the parents as adults as they learn for themselves about the dangers of the internet relating to their own personal information.

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